The toddlers are going through a new phase in speech development. They are becoming quite verbal as you might imagine, especially Sissy.

I would like to think they are becoming quite articulate. Unfortunately, with me as their model for speech development, I’m afraid they’re beginning to sound like the hillbillies that we are!

I’ve noticed both of them starting to say “I’m fixing” to do this or “I’m fixing” to do that…sorta sounds like me!

But I guess that’s what happens when ya’ll be from the south!

But one speech phenomenon I can’t seem to explain is this: The toddlers add “Huh” to the end of every observation they make.

Actually, it’s more like an observation encased in a question. You’ll see what I mean below.

I’m wondering if it’s a speech development or emotional development phenomenon. Do they need an added affirmation for each observation they make, even when they know it’s a fact?

We live a little ways outside of town and out in the country (that might explain some of their speaking habits), so it’s about a fifteen to twenty minute drive to town in the car to go to school, church, the store, the park, McDonald’s or any activity occurring in town.

Here’s a typical conversation on the ride to or from town with the toddlers:

“We’re going to school, huh?” I respond, “Yes.”

“The car is dirty, huh?” I respond, “Yes, it is.”

“I’m a big boy, huh?” I respond, “No you’re a punk!” (that’s the response Kaleb is wanting from me).

To which Kenzie replies, “I’m a big girl, huh?” And, I respond, “No, you’re a little punk!” (which pleases her).

“That’s your sunglasses, huh?” I respond, “Yes, I’m wearing my sunglasses.”

“That’s your coffee, huh?” I respond, “Yes, I’m drinking my coffee.”

“It’s hot, huh?” I respond, “Yes, my coffee is hot, but not too hot to drink.”

And on and on it goes….until we arrive at our destination.

So, is it really necessary for me to respond to all of their questions/observations?

Besides, they already know the answer. So, sometimes I just reply, “I don’t know, you tell me!”

But, I just don’t understand why they talk that way!

Can somebody explain it to me, huh?

It seems so odd, huh?

Especially that both of them would have that speech mannerism, huh?

They probably picked it up at school, huh?

P.S. And while we’re on the subject of speech development, driving to school recently I heard the toddlers behind me practicing the sounds of the letters of the alphabet with each other. They were on the letter B and I heard Kenzie say, “B, Buh, Buh…Boogers!” What am I going to do with that girl, huh?

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