Clever Comments: Bath Wars and Liberated Toddlers

I have mentioned on previous occasions that on this blog we don’t really have any good advice to give about raising children.

And, we don’t seem to have great insight into being a great parent or grandparent.

Instead, we’re asking for your advice!

We need your suggestions for being a better parent and grandparent!

You know, if you have read many of our posts, that we have plenty of stories to tell about what not to do in raising children, but very little useful information is provided about how to raise children correctly.

So, I’m always appreciative of comments that give good advice or provide some creative solutions to some of the problems I tell you about.

And I’m especially appreciative, when you you deliver it with cleverness. Good advice shrouded in wit!

So, in this post I want to share with you a couple of clever comments we pulled from the Comments Box (either from Facebook or the Comments at the end of each blog post).

I got a hearty laugh and some good ideas from both of these comments.

The first clever comment was submitted in response to our post, Sometimes Love Hurts, in which I described some of the collateral damage that can occur from the toddlers’ incessant fighting.

Our reader describes a quite creative solution to a rather trivial problem.

But I found it to be hilarious because it shows how toddlers can somehow find the most trifling reasons to pick a fight!

Now, her creative solution would have never occurred to me. I would have just yelled at the children to stop fighting and start minding me!

Medenna commented (from Facebook):

“The parts about always wanting to be “first”, and “the one” to help turn out the light, put the plates on the table, carry something to the kitchen, and on and on it goes.

Yours and mine are about the same age, and about the same age differential, so, boy, can I relate.

One of the fights was over who got a bath first. I actually came up with a solution, for once!

We put the names on the calender, alternating days. D___ will go look at the date, like today was the 28th, and he came back saying, ‘It’s my day!’

What a relief that at least one battle was no longer an issue. 

God bless you!”


Toddlers seem to find more ways to fight than you can make rules about. This is one conflict that hasn’t occurred at our house…yet!

We have a calendar posted in the hall by the door so that I will remember the schedule for the day as we leave our house.

So, I’m imagining a calendar posted over the bathtub indicating which child gets to take a bath first and the kids rush to consult it whenever it’s bath time!

Hilarious! But what a creative way to settle at least one toddler conflict!

The next clever comment was submitted in response to our post, The Difference Between Boys and Girls, where I listed five differences between boys and girls.

No. 5 on my list was: Girls Sit, Boys Stand! And this is one of the comments I received in response:

Susan commented (from the blog):

“Steve, You need to check into the camping stuff that allows girls to stand! 

It is awesome, will save you lots of heartache, and make your girl feel very liberated!”


Just what I need, a liberated three-year-old girl!

She already thinks she can do everything on her own, now that she’s no longer two.

In fact, she thinks she’s the boss around here!

Wait a minute, she is the boss! I’m the one who needs liberating from the oppression of a three-year-old!

BTW, I did check into it and they are called female urinal devices…

Pretty handy for camping or traveling so the girls don’t have to sit down on those nasty toilet seats and the girls can even go out in the woods and stand by a tree like the boys do!

So, keep writing those clever comments. Who knows? Your comment may become the subject of a future blog post!

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