Sometimes Love Hurts

Give me a break! Just give me a break!

Do the toddlers have to fight all the time?

Is everything a competition? Being first? Or preventing the other one from being first?

Is the only toy they can play with the toy that the other one is playing with?

Can’t they just sit beside one another at the table to eat without pushing, pinching, poking, or otherwise provoking each other?

Is it always necessary to incite a scuffle when one passes near the other?

Sometimes, it’s sibling rivalry run amok around here!

In a previous post I discussed how it seems like my main job is Referee

Because the toddlers are always aggravating one another, which often causes a toddler scuffle to break out.

Recently, the toddlers were engaged in scuffle that ended with Kenzie getting a bloody nose.

I put Kaleb in time-out and told him that because he was bigger than she was, he was being a bully.

Well, he didn’t want to be considered a bully under any circumstances.

So, he cried and then he wailed, “But I love her so much!”

That’s all I needed to know!

Time-out was over.

He truly felt sorry for hurting her and that’s what really mattered.

He’s not a bully. He cares about her. She’s his sister.

It’s just that when you’re toddlers, especially when you’re toddler brother and sister, sometimes love hurts!

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