The Twelve Days of Christmas

You’ve probably heard and even sung the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” many times during this season of the year.

Have you ever wondered what that means? Twelve days of Christmas?

In England in the Middle Ages the Christmas season was one of continuous feasting and merrymaking beginning on Christmas Day and climaxing on Twelfth Night, the traditional end of the Christmas season.

It was forever etched into popular culture when William Shakespeare used it as the setting for one of his most famous stage plays, titled Twelfth Night.

The lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas may have no meaning at all or have yet to be satisfactorily explained.

However, certain modern folklore claims that the song’s lyrics were written as a catechism and a number of Christians give biblical meanings to the gifts such as a partridge in a pear tree represents Christ, two turtle doves represent the Old and New Testaments, and four calling birds represent the four Gospels.

While the meaning of this song has no relevance to what I want to say, it’s some Christmas trivia that I thought you might find interesting and does provide some context for the following observation.

Celebrating the Christmas season with the toddlers seems like it’s twelve days of Christmas! Maybe more!

But it starts well before Christmas, maybe some time soon after Thanksgiving, and then it’s just a series of Christmas parties, plays, receptions, gift exchanges and Kaleb’s birthday just to make it to Christmas Day.

Bring a boy’s present to this party. Take refreshments to that party. Dress up for pictures with Santa. Ten lords a-leaping. Eleven pipers piping. Twelve drummers drumming!

I mean, who can keep up with it all?

This is our second Christmas without Nanna, but….

It’s been busy.
It’s been a lot of fun.
It’s had a few sad memories.
But it’s been a lot of merry!

And we’ve somehow made it through and bought all the gifts and attended all the parties.

Now we want to share a little of the cuteness with you from some photos from our Christmas celebrations this year.

Singing Christmas Carols at PreK Class Party DayCare Class Party
Santa Brought Bikes and Boots and Helmets…Oh. What Fun!


Steve (Poppy), Kaleb, and Kenzie
Poppy’s New Adventure

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