I’m Mad!

I received some bad news today about a family member and after being down about it all day and even shedding some tears, it seems my gloom has turned into anger.

My sister-in-law Donna was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months after my wife (her sister) died from it last year. Donna suffered through a year or so of surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment and finally received a clean bill of health.

It goes without saying that cancer, and cancer treatment, inflicts much stress and suffering on its victims and their families for extended periods of time.

So what joy and relief they had when they heard the words: Cancer Free!

Lately, Donna had been experiencing some lower back pain and so she had a CT scan and it revealed three lesions on her liver.

It’s deeply disappointing for her and her family!

Donna and her husband Danny have three married children. Their beautiful children (two daughters and one son) have given them nine precious, very precious grandchildren.

This family, all of them–grandparents, parents, grandchildren–are the finest people I know, the finest Christians I know.

So why must this happen to them? Again?

If you can be mad at a disease, then that’s the way I’m feeling right now, at three o’clock in the morning.


It’s wreaked havoc on my family and it’s trying to decimate theirs!

But what makes them such awesome people, such awesome Christians, is that they remain faithful to God. They are trusting God no matter what happens! That’s just the way they live their lives.

So their suffering causes them to lean hard on God and He supplies them with the inner strength that engenders hope and love in times of adversity.

Now, they have some big decisions to make. It can be overwhelming and so they need our prayers.

I still believe that God works miracles! So pray that God heals Donna and she will be truly cancer free. And pray that God will strengthen her and her family emotionally through this crisis in their lives so they will be drawn even closer to one another and to God in love.

Because, after all, it’s love that really matters!

That’s how Kaleb and Kenzie and  I are going to be praying. Please, please join us and remember Donna and Danny and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Please pray with us for our Aunt Donna…

2 thoughts on “I’m Mad!

  1. Steve, I am deeply grieved to hear this news and yes I can personally understand the anger emotion….We will definitely be praying in earnest for complete healing in Donna’s body. We will also ask God to give strength to her family as well as you Kaleb and Kenzie. Please keep me posted.


  2. Harlene, thanks for your prayers for them (and us). That means a lot to me because you also have an awesome Christian family that has experienced tragedy and you all have still remained awesome!


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