Travelin’ Blues

Our suitcases are packed and we’re ready to go!

I’ve got the travelin’ blues. I need to make a long trip with the toddlers during the Christmas holidays and I’m trying to decide how to travel–by air or by automobile.

It’s like I’m trying to make the best bad choice.

Both choices have great potential for calamity and catastrophe!

Do I put them in the car and travel for 12 hours or do I attempt to board a plane with the toddlers in tow (don’t they make leashes for children)?

Option 1 is to travel 500 miles in the car with them for however long that may take us.

The advantage of the car trip is that I am in control if disaster strikes. And it doesn’t affect anybody else.

The down side to the car trip is that if one or both of them decides to be difficult, I’m stuck in the car with them for hours and hours and hours!

Option 2 is to travel 100 miles to the airport, park the car and take a shuttle to the terminal, check the luggage, board a plane, and travel about two hours in the air.

The advantage of the plane ride is that it would be much quicker than the automobile trip and I think they would have fun and enjoy it. The question is whether I could haul luggage and toddlers through the airport and security checks without losing one or more of them (toddlers or luggage)!

And it could be difficult convincing TSA that they are just terrors not terrorists!

I know holidays are supposed to be fun. It seems that it’s the getting there that’s the problem for us!

So what’s my best bad choice here?

I need to make a decision soon if we’re going to fly, so I need some good advice on what to do…

1 thought on “Travelin’ Blues

  1. As a result of your comments to this post on Facebook, I purchased airline tickets and we’re going to give flying a try. I hope you’re right.


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