Always Late

See below to find out what she’s holding on to…

We always seem to be late! We always seem to arrive late for appointments, for meetings, for work, for school, for church…

We seem to be late for just about everything we do!

You might think we’re always late because I’m not very organized. However, if you had occasion to observe our home, you would see that I keep our lives and our stuff fairly well organized.

I keep the toddlers clothes and toys all organized. I give them their baths and lay out their clothes for the next day the night before so we won’t be late.

And I even pick out what clothes I’m going to wear the next day on the night before!

You might think we’re always late because I oversleep. I can assure you that’s not the case. If I get six hours of sleep, that’s a long night’s sleep for me!

I never set an alarm clock because I always wake up before I need to get up. Besides, I’ve become a very light sleeper over the last couple of years and even the soft sound of little toddler footsteps coming down the stairs wakes me up.

And the toddlers don’t miss a minute of daylight. They almost always wake up as soon as daylight hits, no matter what time it may be, so it’s not likely that I’m going to be sleeping in.

So there’s no oversleeping going on around here to make us late.

You might think we’re late because I don’t schedule my time well. In fact, I schedule everything. Meetings at work. Civic club meetings. Doctor and dentist appointments. The toddlers doctor and dentist appointments. The toddlers school activities. Karate, gymnastics, and dance lessons. The occasional social activity.

Even days off from work are on the schedule!

Everything we do is on the schedule. And if it’s not on the schedule, then it’s not happening (or at least we won’t be in attendance).

And I carry that schedule around with me all the time just like many of you do.

On my iPhone! And I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone and my schedule.

It’s synched with my work calendar so nothing that I do personally or work-related occurs without checking the schedule. And nothing that is scheduled occurs without my trusted phone notifying me before the activity occurs.

Zooming out on the picture above, you can see what my problem is!

Everything that happens in our adventure is on the schedule. So there’s no lack of scheduling to cause us to be late.

So, if I am so organized and don’t oversleep and schedule everything, then why are we always late?

Actually, there’s a simple explanation. I’ll show you…


This is what I see as I’m trying to get us ready to go!

I always seem to be dragging an extra 30 pounds or so around on my legs or ankles.

As I try to navigate around the house getting the toddlers and myself ready to leave for school, work, appointments, and other activities, I have to keep stopping and try to shake off the toddler that is attached to my leg!

So it’s impossible to get us ready to go on time no matter how well organized, alert, and efficient I may be!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Someday you are going to look back and long for the days when the toddlers were little and cuddly and cute and hanging on your legs.

I know you’re probably right, but for now I would just like for us to be able to go somewhere or do something and NOT BE LATE!

If it’s not one, then it’s the other!

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