My Life Is A Mid-Life Crisis!

Image from Mid-Life by Joe Ollmann

Sometimes I feel more like a twenty-something parent with toddlers than like a fifty-something grandparent!

That’s because the twenty-somethings are the ones I see all the time:

Delivering and picking kids up at school and daycare…

School parties, field trips, and other activities for the children…

Shopping in the children’s department of the clothing stores and at the supermarkets.

In fact, I hardly see any of my fifty-something friends because none of them are taking kids to dance lessons, gymnastics, or karate, t-ball or soccer practice!

I feel like I live in dual realities–how old I am versus how old I think I am!

Now, some would say that I am having a mid-life crisis. I will respond to that allegation by declaring: “I’m not having a mid-life crisis, my life IS a mid-life crisis!

Should I act my age? Or should I act the age that I feel like I am? Or even the age the toddlers think I am?

You see, what complicates my dilemma is that the toddlers think of me as their playmate, sort of like a toddler colleague.

To them, I am just a very big four-year-old!

And I can’t understand why they think of me in that way…

So how do you think I should behave? Like a twenty-something? A fifty-something? Or a toddler?

Well, whatever you think, please, don’t tell me to just act my age…I’m having too much fun!

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