The Karate Kids

Kaleb and Kenzie are getting old enough to start participating in sports and other recreational activities. So the first activity I enrolled them in is martial arts training.

I’m hoping it will teach them some discipline because they don’t seem to be learning it from me!

So they have started attending a martial arts class for three- and four-year-olds.

They are cute little martial arts pupils, deshi, dressed in their special training uniforms called gi tied up with a sash or belt called obi.

The problem with them being in the same class is that they want to try out their new martial arts moves on each other during class!

Either Kenzie jumps on Kaleb or Kaleb grabs Kenzie when they are supposed to be watching Sensei teach them a new move.

And if they aren’t sparring with each other during class, then they are arguing about who gets to go first to practice the next move!

I think Sensei may have to separate them during practice!

Off to dojo for martial arts training Kung Fu Toddlers
Sensei teaching little deshi to take a tumble. Got to get those hands right to fall down

For Kenzie martial arts class is just another performance! Each time she practices a new move, she looks over at me and the other grown-ups to see if we’re watching her. After all, it’s all about her, isn’t it?

And the way Kaleb is throwing punches and kicks in the air, he really thinks he’s some kind of ninja! He’s had two lessons, so you better watch out for that karate kick!

But they really seem to like martial arts training and they look forward to going each time.

And the best thing is that after all that exercise they are pretty tired and ready to go to sleep when it’s time for bed!

Me, too! Sayonara!

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