Locked Out

Poppy sure gets mad when we lock the doors!

How hard can it be to get the family out of the car when you arrive at your destination?

Disembarking the vehicle has turned into quite an ordeal for our family!

You would be surprised the amount of aggravation the toddlers can cause while actually strapped in their car seats!

Here’s what I mean.

Whoever invented child safety locks only solved half the problem!

Child safety locks are great for keeping children from getting out of the car when you don’t want them to.

But what about when you want them to get out of the car and they won’t?

They need a feature called child safety unlock to prevent children from locking you out of the car!

Yes, the toddlers have figured out how to lock the car doors and so they now know how to lock me out!

And they are pretty quick about it!

So quick, in fact, that they can lock the car door faster than I can push the unlock button on the car key and reach for the door handle to open the door!

We know how to lock Poppy out and it’s fun!

When we arrive at a destination, I get out of the car and proceed to extricate the toddlers.

But they lock their respective doors so that I can’t open the doors and get them out.

So, it’s not uncommon to see me standing outside of my car pulling on the door handle and screaming, “Let me in! Let me in!”

Then you might see me running wildly, arms flailing, around to the other side of the car and pulling on the door handle…

We don’t need Poppy to drive this thing!

All the while anxiously and repeatedly pushing the unlock button on the car key and screaming for the toddlers to let me in.

But this diabolical duo are working in tandem…they’re tag teaming me with their game of lock out!

It’s all great sport for them, but I’m the one getting all the exercise!

If they ever unlock the doors and let me in that car, they’re going to get it!

“Please unlock the doors…I’ll give you some ice cream….please, please!”

3 thoughts on “Locked Out

  1. A friend told me after reading this post that she had an experience with the grandkids locking her out of the car and they had the keys to the car. She was so terrified that she called 911. I can just imagine how frightening that must have been and so I would offer this advice: JUDY, RULE #1, DON’T LET THE GRANDKIDS HAVE THE KEYS TO THE CAR!!


  2. Having had a toddler for a few months, I can certainly relate! I could always laugh about the situation later, but it sure wasn’t funny at the time!


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