A Nursery Rhyme

A space dome? Looks like a jungle gym to us!

You might thing that I’m trying to turn our home into a toddler theme park.

Now we have a waterpark in our backyeard!

I keep adding playground equipment to the backyard!

So here’s the equipment I’ve added so far:
-a swing set and slide,
    -a sandbox,
         -an inflatable swimming pool with slide,
and the latest addition,
               -a space dome (or jungle gym).

When I was a child, you had to go to the city park to find all this playground equipment.

Now you can create a park in your own backyard!

The downside to having all this equipment to play on in your own backyard is that it increases the potential for accidents.

It seems like one or the other of the toddlers is always doing a Humpty Dumpty, as we say around here, that is, falling off of something.

After the latest mishap on the playground equipment, I suddenly found myself waxing poetic, in a Mother Goose sort of way (and with apologies to Jack and Jill):

Kaleb and Kenzie went out to play,
On their brand new playground equipment.
Kaleb fell down, down to the ground,
And Kenzie came tumbling after!
Kaleb got up, no scrape or bruise.
'Twas not so well with Kenzie.
When she went down, did break her crown,
And took four stitches to patch her!

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