Dueling Harmonicas

The other day I was cleaning out some drawers in the dresser in my bedroom and found two harmonicas that had been pushed back in a drawer.

You may be wondering why there were two harmonicas in the drawer of the dresser in my bedroom.

Let me explain.

Some years ago we went to eat at the Crackerbarrel Old Country Store and Restaurant. As I was browsing around the store before eating, I spotted some harmonicas and decided then and there that I wanted to learn to play the harmonica.

So I purchased one and took it home and began to practice on it.

A harmonica is an instrument you play by ear and so I began practicing, watching Dan Akroyd in the Blues Brothers to perfect my technique!

I had just become accomplished at playing Oh! Susanna when my harmonica came up missing.

After awhile I forgot about it until the next time we were in the Crackerbarrel Old Country Store and Restaurant. I was browsing around the store when, again I saw the harmonicas and my interest in playing was suddenly renewed.

And so I purchased a second harmonica.

This time I was getting pretty good at playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic when the second harmonica turned up missing. As before, after awhile I forgot about it and lost interest in harmonica playing.

By now you can probably see where I’m going with this story.

I’m guessing, of course, but I think the two harmonicas hidden in the back of a drawer clearly indicate that my wife didn’t believe I had a future as a musician in a blues band!

Apparently, she discreetly hid each harmonica away in the back of a drawer at an opportune time when I wouldn’t notice, knowing I would soon forget about it.

So now I’ve rediscovered my interest in harmonica playing and I have two harmonicas and two toddler fans that love my harmonica music.

And, they got so excited listening to me play that they wanted to play the harmonica for themselves!

But, soon my two fans turned into two whining, crying toddlers who wouldn’t be satisfied until they had the opportunity to play the harmonica for themselves.

So I gave them one harmonica to share and kept one for myself.

But, I quickly discovered that two toddlers sharing one harmonica was not a workable solution.

Once again I sacrificed my prospective musical career and I handed over both harmonicas to the toddlers.

Now I’ve got dueling harmonicas! And they expect me to enjoy their music as much as they enjoyed mine!

But I think I now understand why my wife would deliberately hide the harmonicas away in the back of the drawer.

Yes, there is a BIG difference between being the one playing harmonica music and being the one listening to harmonica music.

Especially when the player doesn’t know how to play it (and thinks he or she does)!

“I’m begging you! Please put those harmonicas down! I can’t stand it any longer!”

And to top it off, I’ve lost any and all desire to pick up a harmonica and play it after the toddlers have been blowing in it. There’s no telling what food particles or other unknown elements might be found inside those instruments.

Is there a drawer around here where I can hide those things?

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