Toddler Terminology – Bedtime

Toddlers have a unique and often humorous way of describing certain things. So this post introduces a new feature to this website I am calling Toddler Terminology. Occasionally, I will post a column on Toddler Terminology that identifies some of the interesting and funny terms I hear the toddlers say.

In this post I want to share some terms the toddlers use related to bedtime.

Bedtime (or naptime) is a big deal for toddlers because it requires them to cease talking and/or moving. Although toddlers need lots of sleep, they do everything they can to avoid it!

The following terms will give you a little indication of what the bedtime routine is like around our house.

“Goggy”Noun, refers to a small, brown, silky blanket that is carried everywhere. The toddler can’t possibly take a nap or go to sleep at night without it even though he doesn’t know where it is because it has been carried around everywhere and dropped somewhere. However, it must be found prior to laying down in bed because it is impossible to go to sleep without it. It is usually accompanied by a stuffed Barney toy, hence the question: “Where is my Goggy and Barney?”

“Nite-Nite”Noun, same as Goggy except pink and not accompanied by Barney.

“Covermyup”Verb, the act of spreading the Nite-Nite over a toddler that has finally laid down in the bed.

“I’m Scaredy” Phrase, usually uttered as a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound intended to derive sympathy from the grown-up for making the toddler lay down in bed and then leaving the room. The grievance is often followed by a question/command, “Scratch my back.” (A question/command is a toddler sentence structure that is the inverse of the command/question sentence structure described in a previous post entitled “We Don’t Eat Dirt?” With the question/command the toddler transposes an interrogative into an imperative to make it seem as though he or she is merely suggesting that the grown-up perform a task that is absolutely  required if the grown-up actually wants the toddler to go to sleep!)

Then, after a few calls for a drink of water followed up by shouts of  “I need to go pee pee,” somnolence finally begins to descend upon the toddlers.

“Good night, Poppy!” “I love you!”

2 thoughts on “Toddler Terminology – Bedtime

  1. The last six words of your Blog is worth every effort you put forth. This 85 year old , still looks upon those words with heart felt pleasure , from her two, 60 ishTODDLERS ? !. !. !.


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