We Don’t Eat Dirt?


No more rules!!

I seem to be daily developing new rules for good behavior in our household. You might even think I have too many rules.

Though there may be countless rules, the toddlers have no problem continuously reciting my rules.

But just because they can quote the rules doesn’t necessarily mean they OBEY the rules!

And when they quote a rule, they state it in the interrogative form, not the imperative (that is, as a question, not a command).

Let me give you an example. While Kenzie is taking a bath, she grabs one of the little cups she is playing with in the bathtub, scoops up a cup of water, takes a little taste of bathwater and says:

“We don’t drink water in the bathtub?” (Notice it’s in the form of a question. I call it an imperative/interrogative sentence. They transpose the command into a question to make it seem all right!)

Why are you making my rule into a question? And why are you asking me if it’s all right to do it when you’ve already done it? And so what’s my options now that you’ve already broken the rule?

So here’s some of the other rules they often cite. I’ll let you use your imagination to consider the circumstances under which they are recounting these rules.

“We don’t eat dirt?”

“We don’t eat boogers?”

“We don’t pee in the pool?”

“We don’t pull the cat’s tail?”

So tell me this. Am I delusional or are the toddlers actually using the rules I create to empower themselves to commit the inappropriate behavior the rules are intended to prevent?

They’re toddlers…surely they can’t be that savvy….

Can they??

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