Girls Sit, Boys Stand

This is the first post of my new blog, Poppy’s New Adventure. For this first post I thought I would start describing some of the rules I have established for this new adventure and let you know how they are working out.

You see, I like things organized and so it’s helpful to have rules so we all know what to do and how to do it. And, of course, having rules helps things run smoothly around our home, right?

While my rules are certainly no “Ten Commandments,” they are intended to help maintain some semblance of good behavior and help me maintain order and control in our home.

After all, I’m the grown-up, so shouldn’t I be in control?

For now, I’m looking forward to the day when we’ve completed potty training. Maybe we can actually get out of the house and go somewhere without having to cut our outing short due to poopy pull-ups or pants!

Kaleb is older and so he has been through potty training first. Now it’s Kenzie’s turn. Since Kenzie is a keen observer of the bathroom arts and everyone else in the house is male, I’ve had to explain to her that girls sit down at the potty and boys stand up!

While breaking this rule is not so bad for boys (though in later years the boy could be deprived of the sports and weather updates that occur between males at public urinals), breaking this rule is particularly egregious for girls. No matter how much she wants to be like Bubba, girls can’t stand!

Girls sit, boys stand!

Now I hope you don’t think that this blog is going to contain a lot of bathroom humor (though there’s a lot of funny and not-so-funny things occurring in there with toddlers). I promise to take it to a higher intellectual level in future posts.

In my next post I plan to discuss another of the ground rules we follow on our new adventure: “We don’t eat dirt!” So please stay tuned to our website,, to see what happens next!

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